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Fic: Master List - Torchwood


Footprints in the Sand
After the loss of his mother Ianto Jones struggles to keep his family life and his Torchwood life seperate. Ianto finds that when it comes to family and Torchwood though the lines get blurred by Jack Harkness, but maybe that isn't such a bad thing.

Family Matters [Jack/Ianto, Team : PG-13]
Ianto asks for a personal day which Jack grants him, but the betrayal of Lisa is still fresh in his mind and he has to find out what Ianto's hiding. Jack doesn't expect to get drawn into Ianto's family and Ianto's heart though. Set from Jack's POV.

A Nostalgic Yearning [Jack/Ianto, Team : PG-13]
Ianto and Jack go to Aberystwyth with Ianto's nephew Finn to get away from it all for a few days. Jack and Ianto suddenly find that they have a childish side that they've both neglected for too long and that their relationship is suddenly far more than just sex and has been for a long time now.

Blessed Are They [Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, Ianto/Lisa : PG]
It's been a year since Ianto's mother passed. Ianto lit five candles in church that day. One for his Mam. One for Lisa. One for Tosh. One for Owen. And one that once he’d lit he suddenly decided the lost soul didn’t need a guiding light; he already had one.

Ebenzer Jones [Jack/Ianto: PG]
Jack wants a proper family Christmas, Finn is still trying to understand Christmas, but Ianto’s attitude to Christmas, however, seems to be bah humbug!

The Boy Is Gone [Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys : 15]
The Rift has never been the most stable influence in Ianto Jones’ life but when children in Cardiff start disappearing all over the city, Ianto’s family life crashes rather dramatically with Torchwood.

Miss You Most At Christmas [Jack/Ianto : PG]
Christmas is a time to queue in shopping malls, to put whipped cream on top of your mocha, to stuff snow down the back of someone’s jacket, to sing Christmas Carols you don’t know the words to; because at Christmas it’s all the little things you miss.

When We Were Young [Jack/Ianto : PG-13]
Ianto and Jack come home after a long couple of days at work only to discover Finn’s Birthday Party in full swing. Rhiannon’s in hell, Jack seems to be a catch with all the single mothers and Ianto’s throwing a temper tantrum to rival the rest of the six-year-olds. Finn, however, has never had a better birthday.

How Did The Chicken Get Sick? [Jack/Ianto : G]
The kids have chicken pox, and being confined to quarantine has allowed Finlay to add to his comic repertoire, much to the annoyance of an equally sick Ianto.

That Monday Feeling [Jack/Ianto, Gwen, John Hart : R]
Ianto, as a rule, wasn’t accustomed to hating any particular day of the week. Granted, some days were worse than others, but this particular morning he had developed a newfound dislike for Mondays. Especially when this Monday didn’t seem to want to end.

Ebenzer Jones [Jack/Ianto: PG]
Jack wants a proper family Christmas, Finn is still trying to understand Christmas, but Ianto’s attitude to Christmas, however, seems to be bah humbug!

The Course of Christmas Never Did Run Smooth [Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys : PG-13]
Christmas is never a relaxing affair, especially not when you’re Ianto Jones. Rona wants to go meet Santa, Finn has a fascination with ice skating, Jack keeps making jokes at his expense and if Ianto had only one wish this Christmas it would be that none of this was happening to him.


10 Uses for Post-It Notes at Torchwood [Ianto, Owen & Team : PG-13]
Just as the title says. 10 drabbles for 10 uses.

A Cosmic Joke [Jack, The Doctor: PG]
Post CoE. "A Captain and a Doctor walk into a bar... I'm still waiting on the punch line."

A Little R [Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys : PG-13]
Sometimes it's hard to get away from the Hub now there's only 3 of them.

A Moment of Doubt [Jack, Ianto, Owen : PG-13]
Post Adrift. There is that moment of doubt in all our minds about whether we’re playing the hero or the villain of the piece.

A Name In The Wind [Jack/Ianto : PG]
Names in the sands of time don't last.

A Nightingale Sand In Berkley Square [Jack/Ianto, Jack/Jack, Tosh : PG]
Toshiko bore witness to that song and that kiss twice, and she cried both times.

A Pint Of Love, No Need For Brains [Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys : PG-13]
When Gwen, Rhys, Ianto and Jack go to the pub together to watch the rugby Gwen asks Ianto a question that he hasn’t even thought about yet. Not really.

Actual Weevil Hunting [Jack/Ianto, Team : PG-13]
Tosh could always tell when Ianto and Jack had been Weevil hunting the night before.

All The Lost Souls [Jack/Ianto, Ianto/Lisa, Owen/Diane, Tosh/Ianto, Jack/Jack : PG-13]
9 Drabbles set to James Blunt's Album 'All The Lost Souls'. See inside for summary of each drabble.

All That We See [Jack/Ianto, Jack/OFC, The Doctor : PG-13]
Sometimes a dream is just a dream.

Allergic To Kink [Jack/Ianto : PG-13]
How was Jack to know Ianto was allergic?

Apathy [Ianto, Owen : PG-13]
Post Cyber-woman. Ianto and Owen have more in common than they first realised. "He doesn’t say anything though. He’s already said too much."

Baby, It's Cold Outside [Jack/Ianto : PG]
It's snowing in Cardiff and Ianto walks to work, but it's not getting to work that's going to be a problem, it's leaving at the end of the working day.

Being Alone Is Lonely [Jack/Ianto : R]
Two weeks into Ianto’s suspension after the events of Cyberwoman and he can’t take the loneliness anymore.

Beginning At The End [Jack/Ianto, Ianto/Lisa : PG-13]
Post Cyberwoman. Ianto was lucky to find at the end of something great there was the beginning of something great.

Being Alive [Jack/Ianto : NC-17]
It wasn't about feelings with Jack and Ianto, not really, it was more about the desperate need to feel something other than the pain of losing and being lost - to feel alive. My take on how things started with Jack and Ianto.

Better [Jack/Ianto : PG-13]
It's been one hell of a week for Torchwood, but Jack has only just realised that there's one person who can make it better.

Blissful Normality [Jack/Ianto : PG]
As Ianto locks up the hub on Christmas Eve, he reflects on his life at Torchwood and the merits of that one day off a year.

Bovinophobia [Jack/Ianto : PG-13]
Every person on the planet has an irrantional phobia of something.

Boys Will Be Men [Team : PG-13]
Rugby in the park sends Owen, Jack and Ianto spiralling back to infancy.

Cacophony of Life [Jack/Ianto : PG]
Post DW Journey's End. All Ianto can hear in the aftermath is the music of a world broken in half.

Come for the Tragedy, Stay for the Comedy [Team & Martha : PG-13]
When you work for Torchwood sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying.

Damsels In Distress [Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, PC Andy : R]
Ordinary is not a word that is synonymous with Torchwood, so it doesn't come as a complete surprise when Ianto Jones finds himself bound and gagged in the back of a van after a night down the pub. It is, however, a surprise to Rhys Williams. While Ianto and Rhys experience the worst hangover ever, it is up to Gwen and Jack to rescue their damsels in distress without becoming ones themselves.

Doctor's Orders [Jack/Ianto : PG-13]
Just how did Ianto manage to dislocate his shoulder?

Domestic Banter [Jack/Ianto : PG-13]
“I don’t think even I can domesticate Jack.” Ianto's sick and somehow Jack got lumbered with the job of looking after him.

Dona Eis Requiem [Gwen/Rhys, Jack/Ianto, Tosh/Owen, Steven, Alice, Mica, David, The Doctor, OC : PG]
Post CoE. Christmas is a lonely time of year for Jack.

Down The Rabbit Hole [Jack/Ianto : PG]
Post Countrycide. Ianto and Jack have never really been friends, but near-death and death experiences seem to change things.

Drive Away [Jack/Ianto : PG]
Jack and Ianto go to a UNIT meeting in London. At Canary Wharf.

Five Times Gwen Cooper Saw Ianto Jones Naked [Jack/Ianto, Ianto/Gwen : PG-13]
Five times Gwen Cooper saw Ianto Jones naked, and one time she saw him truly naked.

Five Ways Ianto Got A Girlfriend [Ianto/OCs, Ianto/Lisa, Ianto/Jack : PG-13]
Five ways Ianto got a girlfriend, and one way he didn’t.

Ghost Hardware [Jack, Ianto Gwen : PG]
Harry Atley, psychic of Wales is in town, claiming that he can talk to the dead. Torchwood have always been sceptics though.

God's Own Tears [Jack/Ianto : PG]
Ianto's mother always told him when it was raining God was crying.

Going Off the Rails on a Crazy Train [Jack, Ianto, Lisa : R]
Jack had had his self-destructive bouts where he’d overdosed, tripped the rainbow one too many times and scared the **** out of equally high partners. He had more than one life though.

Gotcha [Team : PG]
Always remember to factor Captain Jack Harkness into your escape plan!

Heart, Don't Stop [Jack/Ianto : PG-13]
Jack's head finally catches up with his heart when Ianto's life is in danger.

Hot Headed [Jack/Ianto : PG-13]
The heat gets to Torchwood, making Jack short tempered and taking it out on Ianto.

Hugs [Ianto/Team : PG]
Ianto's never one to initiate hugs, not even with Jack.

Husband First, Hero Second [Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys : PG-13]
Rhys saves the world, Gwen keeps losing mugs, Ianto gets manhandled and Jack destroys the BBC.

I Apologise [Jack/Ianto : PG]
Set during End of Days. Owen finds Ianto in Jack's office with Jack's coat.

I Haven't Slept [Jack/Ianto : PG-13]
Ianto is sleep deprived, and in pain. Can Jack help him before it’s too late?

Ianto Always Gets What He Wants [Jack/Ianto : PG-13]
“Come on sleeping beauty.” Ianto's found other ways of getting Jack into bed with him.

In Flanders Fields [Jack/Ianto, Owen/Katie, Tosh/Tim, Jack/Jack, Ianto/Lisa : PG-13]
On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month Torchwood remember.

It'll Be Okay [Jack/Ianto : PG]
Post Exit Wounds. "Ianto had had enough of losing people and he had finally snapped."

I've Started Falling Apart [Jack/Ianto : PG]
Ianto is injured in more than one after the events of Countrycide, and someone’s got to make sure he doesn’t have a concussion.

Just An Ordinary Bloke [Ianto, Rhys, Jack/Ianto(implied), Gwen/Rhys(implied) : R]
Post Exit-Wounds. Rhys Williams may not know how to save the world from alien invasions but he knows how to save a man from himself.

Just Because I'm Hurting [Ianto, Tosh, Jack : PG-13]
Post Countrycide. Tosh doesn't want to be alone after what happened so she arrives on Ianto's doorstep with pizza, beer and DVDs. But it's not Ianto who answers the door to her.

Keep Holding On [Jack/Ianto : R]
If Jack and Ianto are going to make it through the aftermath of Exit Wounds they’re going to need each other.

Lessons Learned [Jack/Ianto, Tosh, Owen : PG]
Jack learns the lesson ‘look but don’t touch’ the hard way, with almost deadly consequences.

Lifeguard [Team, Jack/Ianto : PG]
The Bay's not really the best place to take a swim.

Light In The Dark [Jack/Ianto : PG-13]
Ianto's searching for that light in the dark.

Love The Coat [Jack/Ianto : PG-13]
aka Five Times Ianto Jones sleeps with The Coat. Five drabbles for five times.

Loneliness [Jack/Ianto : PG-13]
The loneliness gets to Ianto sometimes.

Love You Anyway [Jack/Ianto : R]
Ianto finds it unbelievably hard to love Jack. Jack also finds it unbelievably hard to love Ianto. The problem is neither of them can walk away, and neither of them can stop loving each other.

Marry Me, Lucy [Gwen, Jack/Ianto : PG-13]
Ianto gets a "joke" present from Gwen for his birthday.

Merry Christmas, Jack [Jack/Ianto : PG]
Jack owns a pair of aeroplane cufflinks. Jack's not really the sort of person who would buy them for himself though.

Never Got To Say Goodbye [Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys : PG-13]
Jack has always lived his life without regrets. That is until today.

Never The Bride [Tosh/Owen, Gwen/Rhys, Jack/Ianto : PG]
Ianto's always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

Nothing To Live For [Ianto/Lisa, Jack, Suzie : PG]
Set pre Series One. Captain Jack Harkness was how he was going to get that feeling of home back.

Our Last Night Before The World Ends [Ianto/Jack : NC-17]
Jack and Ianto spend the night together before all the Children of Earth stop and the world comes crashing down around their ears. To them though, it's just another night.

Pink Wedding [Ianto, Tosh, Gwen, Owen : PG]
Set between series 1 and 2. With the wedding coming up Gwen Cooper needs the help of a Master Tailor's son, but the wedding's not the only thing on Gwen's mind.

Percy Pig and Pals [Team : PG]
Someone really ought to tell Ianto that too much sugar is almost as bad as too much caffine.

Prove It [Jack/Ianto : PG-13]
“Ianto Jones is brilliant, you know. He wakes up. Different fingerprints, voice, DNA, so how am I going to recognise him? He kisses me. And I know at once! Isn’t that the most romantic thing you’ve ever heard?"

Puff The Magic Dragon [Team, Jack/Ianto : PG-13]
The team get locked up by an alien that emits toxic gas. Although it's effects aren't quite what Jack expected when he turns up to rescue them. Ianto's singing, Tosh is giggling, Owen's seeing butterflies and Gwen, well she's just passed out.

Read Between The Lines [Jack/Ianto : PG-13]
The sun will always rise and set. The earth will always turn. Birds will always fly south for the winter. Jack and Ianto will always talk without actually talking.

Red Letter Cap [Jack/Ianto, Martha : PG-13]
Jack can't look at a red cap without smiling, and it's all Ianto Jones' fault.

Rhys Williams, In The Lounge, With A Slipper [Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, Tosh, Owen : PG]
"You've never played Cluedo?"

Role Reversal [Ianto, Team : PG]
When the stress of Torchwood takes its toll on Ianto the team finally show how grateful they are to the tea-boy.

Sad and Single [Jack/Ianto, Tosh, Owen : PG]
Something Borrowed. Tosh is slightly bitter on Gwen’s wedding day.

Seasons Of Life [Jack/Ianto : PG]
Post Exit-Wounds. How does a timeless man measure life?

Shadow of the Future [Jack/Ianto : PG]
Ianto is being followed by nothing more than a shadow.

Sick Psyche [Jack/Ianto : PG-13]
Sequel to Twisted Mind Both Jack and Ianto have had thoughts inside of their head that aren’t their own, and at the end of the day Ianto’s too tired to think while Jack, as usual, can’t stop thinking.

So Very Tired [Jack/Ianto : PG]
A little post “A Day in the Death” fic. A small exchange between Jack & Ianto in the office later on in the evening when everyone else has gone home.

Spending The Night With A Welshman [Ianto/Gwen, Owen, Tosh : PG-13]
Set between Season 1 & 2. While Jack is away the team get to know each other a little better. Turns out Ianto and Gwen have a competative streak that's not really good for them!

Sunday Drivers [Jack/Ianto : PG-13]
Jack and Ianto go for a Sunday Drive. Nothing ever runs smoothly for them though.

Suppressing Sorrow [Jack/Ianto, Gwen : PG-13]
Post Exit Wounds. Her priority at the moment is Ianto.

Take My Pieces And Build Them Up [Jack/Ianto : PG]
Post Cyberwoman. A series of drabbles in which Ianto get’s sick and Jack takes it upon himself to look after him.

Tea Solves All Problems [Jack/Ianto, Team : PG-13]
Jack's forgotten Ianto's Birthday, hasn't he?

The Distance Between Thunder and Lightening [Jack/Ianto : PG-13]
Set after KKBB. Jack and Ianto's relationship is like a storm. Ianto's always counting between the thunder and lightening, waiting for the rain to pass.

The Love Of Curiosity [Jack/Ianto : PG]
It's the little things that Jack loves about Ianto.

The Other Side of the Wall [Jack/Ianto, Team : PG-13]
Post KKBB. Jack books the team into St. David's Hotel but the Honeymoon Suite that Jack booked Ianto into is not going to be used for it's intended purposes if the yelling is anything to go by.

The Rat Pack [Jack/Ianto : PG]
Post ‘Exit Wounds’. Ianto’s more attached to Tosh and Owen than Jack realised.

The Replacement [Jack/Ianto, OC : PG-13]
Torchwood 2 send a replacement after someone at Torchwood 3 is lost to the cause.

The Secret Garden of Ianto Jones [Jack/Ianto : PG]
Ianto knew that you never find love, love finds you.

The Switch [Jack/Ianto : PG-13]
“Man looks at the outward appearance, the Lord looks at the heart.” (1 Sam 16:7) Ianto has a suit at the back of his wardrobe, a label sewn into the inside, Made for Ianto E. Jones by Jones & Son.

The Torchwood Widower [Rhys/Gwen Jack/Ianto : PG]
Torchwood through the eyes of Rhys Williams, in drabbles.

There Will Be Time [Jack/Ianto : PG]
Jack has all the time in the world to say what he wants, doesn't he?

This Is Torchwood [Jack/Ianto, Team : G]
Oh dear, Ianto’s lost his best friend Jack. It’s ok Ianto, we’ll help you look for Jack, won’t we children?

This Moment [Jack/Ianto : PG-13]
Holding hands in a post-coital haze, Ianto has never felt so close to Jack.

This Vestal's Lot [Jack/Ianto : G]
It was a Wednesday afternoon when Ianto remembered a year that never happened. But the Wednesday mattered more.

Tomorrow Will Be Better [Ianto, Tosh & Team : PG-13]
The trip to the countryside was supposed to be about team building as much as it was a mission. The mission may have ended in a disaster, but Tosh has always known misery loves company.

Torchwood Breeds Insomnia [Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, Tosh & Owen : R]
When you work for Torchwood, sleep is hard to come by, for various reasons.

Tourist Information [Jack/Ianto : G]
Ianto misses normal sometimes.

Twisted Mind [Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, Marth, PC Andy, OCs : R]
Our thoughts are what drive us; good thoughts, bad thoughts, end of the world type thoughts. But what happens when you suddenly have thoughts inside your head that aren’t your own? Jack and Ianto retrieve an artefact one night that is seemingly harmless, but seemingly harmless soon turns into violent mood swings, exploding heads and the disappearance of half of Cardiff’s criminals. But what does this have to do with Ianto Jones, and just what is he building?

Underneath Your Clothes [Jack/Ianto : R]
Post-Countrycide. Jack is so heart wrenchingly aware that this act of letting Jack undress him is Ianto baring himself emotionally and physically naked.

We All Fall Down [Team, Rhys Williams, Lisa Hallet, The Doctor, Alice & Steven Carter, Rhiannon, Johnny, Mica & David, Kathy Swanson : R]
Torchwood is separate from the government, outside the police, beyond the United Nations and detached from family. When someone comes at Torchwood through their families they have to make a choice between what they love and what they protect. With the threat on a personal level emotions are running high, and when secrets from the past are unearthed the team come close to splitting forever. But there's one last secret Torchwood is keeping that none of the team, not even Jack, knew about.

What Is This Thing Called Love [Jack/Ianto : PG-13]
Jack only knows one way to express himself, through the medium of song.

Where The Earth Meets The Sky [Jack/Ianto, Tosh : PG]
The team are out in the Himalayas searching for something, but Ianto's looking for the place where the sky meets the earth.

Woobie [Jack/Ianto : PG-13]
Ianto has a woobie! So does Jack!

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