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Title: The Course of Christmas Never Did Run Smooth
Author: Erin Giles
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Torchwood is the intellectual property of the BBC.
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, OCs (Rhiannon, Finn, Rona)
A/N: electrictoes and I agreed that we'd both write kid-fic this year where Jack and Ianto went to visit Santa with the kids - thank you for suggesting that, hun (also thank you for looking over this too). Her fic is here - it's brilliant and based on real life, so you should all go and read it! It’s Christmas again in the Footprints in the Sand series and Finn wants to wish a special Merry Christmas to the sparkly pinkfairy727. This is for you, sweetie. Also, I know that children aren’t allowed to sit on Santa’s lap anymore but I did when I was a kid.

Summary: Christmas is never a relaxing affair, especially not when you’re Ianto Jones. Rona wants to go meet Santa, Finn has a fascination with ice skating, Jack keeps making jokes at his expense and if Ianto had only one wish this Christmas it would be that none of this was happening to him.

Father Christmas smelt funny. And Uncle Ianto wouldn’t come near him.Collapse )

Fic: Ebenezer Jones

Title: Ebenezer Jones
Author: Erin Giles
Disclaimer: Torchwood is the intellectual property of the BBC.
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Finn
A/N: This is for electrictoes because apparently when I’m wrong about things I have to write her Finn fic. I like to see this as ‘Well Done’ fic for her finishing NaNoWriMo and getting a permanent job, though.

Summary: AU. FitS. Jack wants a proper family Christmas, Finn is still trying to understand Christmas, but Ianto’s attitude to Christmas, however, seems to be bah humbug!

My nose is coldCollapse )

Fic: A Selfish Apology

Title: A Selfish Apology
Author: Erin Giles
Rating: PG
Words: 1650
Characters: Sherlock, John, Sarah
A/N: Written for a prompt on sherlockbbc_fic. The prompt was 'John gets hit by a car'.
Summary: John's been hit by a car and Sherlock is looking to assign blame. But who is at fault? John? Sarah? The driver? Or Sherlock himself?

He doesn’t know where to assign blame.Collapse )

Fic: Left a Hole

Title: Left a Hole
Author: Erin Giles
Rating: R (language)
Disclaimer: Torchwood is the intellectual property of the BBC.
Characters/Pairings: Ianto, Owen, Gwen, Tosh (Jack/Ianto implied)
Words: 1800
Summary: Jack’s gone and Torchwood are stumbling through the doors of A&E in his absence. Owen's POV.

This wasn’t even anything to do with Torchwood, not really. That’s us all over though, isn’t it? Can’t even go on a night out without getting ourselves into trouble. I’d like to say it’s Jack’s fault but he’s gone and buggered off somewhere.Collapse )

Fic: A Phone Call Away

Title: A Phone Call Away
Author: Erin Giles
Disclaimer: Torchwood is the intellectually property of the BBC.
Characters/Pairings: Ianto/Jack, Gwen, OCs
Summary: Four times Ianto Jones’ nephew, Finlay Evans, called his Uncle and one time he got the answer machine.
A/N: Set in Footprints in the Sand Universe. This is for electrictoes’ birthday because she loves Finn almost as much as me (and is a bad influence when it comes to that boy). HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HUN! I apologise for the last phone call in advance.

Hello?Collapse )

Art: Revalations & Recollections

It's that time of the year again. tw_bigbang has started, and since you've already had my fic, now's the time for me to show my artistic side. This year I chose pomkeygeekange's brilliant story which you can read here.

When Ianto Jones ran into his old friend Jessica Jackson on an awkward night out in the pub, no one was aware what impact she would have on the team. With her she brings her own rift caused emotional damage, bad memories, cryptic messages and a few revelations for everyone. Meanwhile Gwen is not really Gwen at all and Owen is left to look after a sick Ianto. With that, Cyber men and a lost Glomp it makes for a revealing time in Torchwood. Emotions are running high. But is it all connected and how? Post Cyber woman and Countryside.

Art is hereCollapse )

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